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headphones with a hook for athletes

Anker’s audio division, Soundcore, has just announced its new sports headphones. Featuring adjustable hooks, they want to shade the Powerbeats Pro.

The success of true wireless headphones is always full and attracts many brands. Some even choose to offer models designed for athletes, such as the Soundcore Sports X10. Just announced by the audio division of props Anker, the X10s don’t want to be yet another outsider in this market. Usually sports and fitness-focused earbuds seek to provide excellent support for athletes during exertion. For this, manufacturers opt for different fins and tip sizes or hooks. The system is mainly used by Beats for Powerbeats Pro and Anker’s new Soundcore Sport X10 headphones.

These 100% wireless intras have adjustable hooks to adjust the fit and offer better comfort during a sports session. According to Anker, these hooks allow “Adjust the wearing angle so the headphones stay comfortably in place and don’t fall out during intense workouts”. Each earbud weighs 4.4 grams and the X10s benefit from a IPX67 certified ; for better resistance to sweat and water.

Soundcore takes on the Powerbeats Pro

Anker opts for a bass-oriented sound signature with his headphones. The X10s have 10 millimeter speakers and offer a “BassUp” setting by default. However, it is possible to make changes from the mobile application for a more balanced sound. The headphones also have a noise reductiont “Hybrid Noise Cancellation” to eliminate ambient noise. It should be kept in mind, however, that noise reduction can be dangerous and that one should not isolate oneself completely from the outside world. Generally, headphones for athletes are not the best in terms of ANC. Anker adds the must-have transparency mode which allows you to keep an attentive ear on the environment; to hear cars for example.

Soundcore Sports X10
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The X10s add six microphones and a wind reduction system for voice calls. Affordable, these headphones ignore features such as wireless charging or touch controls. Finally, the manufacturer announces a 8 hour battery life on a single charge and up to 32 hours with charging case (USB-C). Note that a quick charge function allows 2 hours of listening with 10 minutes of charge.

Price and availability

To better distinguish themselves from the competition, the Soundcore Sport X10 are displayed on the price of 99.99 euros. The headphones are available in black, red and white on Amazon and the manufacturer’s site.

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