You are currently viewing astronaut Thomas Pesquet will speak at the Salon de la Photo

astronaut Thomas Pesquet will speak at the Salon de la Photo

He will be surrounded by naturalist photographer Vincent Munier and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta to host this event which promises to be exceptional.

From October 6 to 9, the Parc de la Villette in Paris will host the Salon de la Photo. A great meeting that photo lovers do not miss under any circumstances. And according to the specialized site PhotoTrendthose who go there to take advantage of the 2022 edition will even have the opportunity to follow a superb conference called “Three eyes, one planet“; Among the speakers, we find in particular Thomas Pésquetour national astronaut.

As its name suggests, the objective of this conference is to allow three photographers like no other to describe their respective experiences in environments inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

And the least we can say is that with Thomas Pesquet, the organizer Nikon hit the jackpot. Indeed, the interested party has often put forward his love of photography through superb images of the Earth taken from orbit.

This visual support plays a very important role in another passion of the astronaut: science popularization. Because it is not only for the pleasure of the eyes that he draws the portrait of our planet. Thanks to his pictures, he regularly gratifies the average earthlings that we are with new perspectives on their cradle.

These images allow us to appreciate the extent of certain phenomena that are difficult to grasp from the surface of the Earth. For example, during his visits to the ISS, he regularly documents the effects of climate change visible from orbit; each image is a good opportunity to put these important issues back on the table and to recall the precariousness of the human situation.

A marine biologist and a naturalist as reinforcements

Knowing that he is also an excellent speaker and teacher, space and photo enthusiasts will have no excuse to miss the intervention of this great ambassador of science. Especially since the astronaut will be accompanied by two other equally remarkable speakers.

The first, Laurent Ballesta, presents a not so different profile; he is also a recognized scientist who gives a very important place to photography. The only difference is that he does not take his shots at an altitude of 400 kilometers… but in the depths of the ocean, since he is marine biologist. He will therefore be able to offer a perspective very different from that of Pesquet, since his work mainly concerns the abyss.

The last speaker, Vincent Munier, evolves halfway between the two; he is a first-class naturalist photographer whose superb feature film La Panthère des Neiges was awarded at the Césars 2022.

How to attend the conference?

The conference will be free and will take place on the second day of the show, ie October 7, from 12 noon. It will last about an hour and a half and will be held in the Boris Vian room, at the Grande Halle e la Villette.

Beware, however; you will still need to register in advance. And given the quality of the speakers, the number of places available could melt quite quickly. So you won’t have to waste time validating your ticket on the event website when registration opens. According to Phototrend, it will be possible to access it from September 28 at noon at this address.

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