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Microsoft confirms the arrival of a long-awaited feature

Microsoft confirms that its cloud gaming service will support keyboards and mice. An option necessarily expected by PC gamers that will improve Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft is betting more than ever on cloud gaming and is looking to improve its Xbox Cloud Gaming. Last March, rumors arose keyboard and mouse support on the service of the American giant. information came from of the director of Microsoft Flight Simulator and it has just been confirmed by the Redmond teams. In video dedicated to developers, Microsoft discusses Cloud Gaming by addressing various technical topics.

A sequence, spotted by Tom Warren, also confirms that the Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon support keyboards and mice.

“I want to talk a bit about keyboard and mouse. Not everyone knows this, but Xbox has supported keyboard and mouse for a few years now. And we are working to add it to streaming [Xbox Cloud Gaming] for PC users », explains Morgan Brown, software engineer at Microsoft. He also invites video game developers to consider this feature: “You can start adding it to your game now and your console, keyboard and mouse users will love it. It will work in streaming when we are done adding it”.

Microsoft confirms, without revealing a specific date

In addition to controllers, Xbox consoles have indeed supported the keyboard / mouse duo for years. On the other hand, it remains impossible to play in cloud gaming via the Microsoft formula without an associated controller. This observation also applies to a PC while the mobile can rely on touch controls in addition to the controller. The ad is a good news for gamers who will finally be able to find the mouse and keyboard on the compatible game via Xbox Cloud Gaming. This promise also opens the possibility for Microsoft to offer PC games that do not support controllers.

On the side of Redmond and Xbox, this confirmation is an opportunity to catch up on Google Stadia. While the search giant seems to have scaled back its ambitions in this area, its platform has supported the keyboard / mouse combo since its launch. This is one of the few areas where Stadia takes advantage over Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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